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Bonnie Worthington offers up-to-date tools to help you increase your website sales and traffic. These fresh and proven techniques help you move your website up through the search engine results. Website Optimization is more than Search Engine Optimization. Although both are an art and science, Website Optimization includes the scope of techniques like enhancing website design factors that improve conversions (increased sales), taking away unnecessary content and design elements that can cause users to bounce, and other elements of the website that can add or detract from the users experience. The goal is to create a website that visitors find useful, thus taking your call to action, while behind the scenes it is a website the search engines are confident will be of value to the searcher, thus placing your site higher in the search engine results pages.

Here, you will find products (tutorials) you can put to use to create a website that users not only enjoy visiting and doing business with, but a site they trust enough to recommend to and share with their friends.

Our product line is continually being updated and added to.

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